June 2022
EYESCREAM Box Spoilers

Spoiler #1

Lavender and Sweet Palettes

This month we are featuring two eyeshadow palettes. One is a filled with shades of purples and the other is filled with pink and neutral colors. This is NOT a choice item. BOTH palettes will be included in every box. These will also only count as 1 item in the box :)

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Spoiler #2

Cheeky Rose Beauty Kabuki Brush

This brush is so very soft and can be used to apply and blend foundation onto the face or to apply body shimmer onto the body. The unique shape of the kabuki brush makes it easy to use and extremely easy to blend out any foundation. 

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Spoiler #3

Beau Babe Beauty Highlighter Drops

These champagne colored highlighting drops are perfect for summer. Get an all over glow by mixing this in with your foundation (a little bit goes a long way) or apply small drops to the areas you want for a more precise highlighted look. 

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